An Imperial Stormtrooper attacks a camp of Tusken Raiders and Rebel Soldiers

"Our spies have discovered a small rebel cell hidden in the Dune Sea, but have come under attack from a group of Tusken Raiders that have taken refuge near the Sarlacc. Lord Vader has given us direct orders to eliminate all rebels and Tusken Raiders in the area."
-The Emperor, to a legion of Sandtroopers before the battle.
The Battle of the Dune Sea was an battle between the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and a camp of Tusken Raiders that took place in 0 BBY near a Sarlacc Pit in the Dune Sea. Its started when Imperial soldiers discovered an group of Rebels in the Dune Sea that had taken refuge in an old Jawa Sandcrawler. When the Empire sent stormtroopers to attack, however, both sides were ambushed by a massive group of Tusken Raiders that had set up a camp site near the mouth of the Sarlacc. Eventually, the Empire eliminated all the Tusken Raiders and rebel soldiers and then proceeded into the nearby city of Mos Eisley.